Family Stories

He leans back from the ceremonial bowl, as if feeling the weight of centuries. For five hundred years, this carved figure has been holding the chafed edges of the container. His worn forehead speaks to its antiquity. Read full story

This article was published in 2000, the last year that Equinox was still in print.


iguana-64Up Close and Wild

I first see him among pahoehoe. Catching the morning sun, his body is sprawled out among these lava flows that twist and spread like tree roots. The only place in the world to find a marine iguana and he’s not running away. Read full story

This article, initially published in the Globe and Mail, has been reprinted three times.


mountaineering_64One Step at a Time

All I hear is the sound of my own foot, crampon digging into the ice. Ahead of me the rope, slack, swings above the snow. Read full story

This article, initially published in Doctor’s Review magazine, will appear in Katherine’s travel memoir.